A family of businessmen who - thanks to wood - conceives its job and the culture around it as part of Nature. 1940 is the date when Canducci Bonfiglio founded the sawmill in Pesaro after many years of woodcutter activity. Decades after the sons Guido & Giorgio Canducci developed the woodworking activity and the trading  of building timber, boatyard elements and oak crossbeams for the National rail system.
Today, the 3rd and the 4th generation continue together the family tradition in the timber building business, working in Italy as well as all over the world.
The name Canducci is present in three family companies with independent management, offering the best technical and cost solutions, customized according to international norms and with certified goods.


Canducci Holzservice works in great timber&steel building business, in Italy and abroad. It plans and coordinates the goods supply from its manufacturer partners, among the most qualified in Europe.
It arranges the production, the delivery and the installation of great structures and envelopes.
It gives assistance to the client from the feasibility study to the end of the works.

Canducci Group works as a building company with technical service included, in the small and medium building business, in Italy. According to the clients’ needs, it plans and realizes customized solutions. It completes its buildings with insulation, cladding and waterproofing material.

Canducci UK, based in Stratford upon Avon, is active in the British market. Together with its local partners and installers, it guarantees to designers, companies and clients an immediate customer service. Canducci UK is an English company which offers the experience, the competence and the reliability of Canducci in timber building business.