10 feb, 2015

Basilicata coast to coast making conventions: next stop in Villa D’Agri, Potenza

The technical conventions about green constructions organized by Holz Service Sud are going on. The seminars are [...]

14 apr, 2015

The luxurious Banana Island Resort was inaugurated

On board a speedboat, refreshed by water spurts, we get close to Banana Island, one of the most luxury resort in the [...]

21 feb, 2015

Prestigious pics for a prestigious swimmer

Filippo Magnini, Canducci’s testimonial, tells himself in a photobook titled “Beyond my water”, introduced in the [...]

15 apr, 2015

Convention in Macerata to be held on Thursday 16th April 2015

A convention titled “Project and building aspects of timber buildings” will be held in Macerata on Thursday 16th April [...]

26 giu, 2015

A special lesson for the students of the final year at the technical institute for surveying: everybody onsite!

School-work: Is it a possible combination? Definitively Yes! In the last years, the topic of work and its educational [...]

15 apr, 2015

Canducci + Lamboo Inc.: strength and sustainibility through innovation

Lamboo Inc. and Canducci are pleased to announce the expansion of their collaborative efforts to develop the most [...]